How to De Register a Car?

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    When disposing of your car you either need to change the ownership, or deregister your car.

    Each process is unique and you can read how to do both below. Do not deregister your car until you have talked to one of our team, we will advise you on the best option so that you can get the most for your car. You can Contact Us here at Car Removal Auckland.

    At Car Removal Auckland we not only buy car wrecks but also buy unwanted cars that can still be used on the road, in this case we will pay more than a wreck. Our prices are based on either scrap metal prices when buying car wrecks or in the case of your vehicle being able to be repaired and put back on the road we will pay a price depending on the condition and if it is viable for us to repair. Sometimes cars have mechanical problems which cost more than the owner can afford.

    How to Change Car Ownership

    When you sell your car, both buyer and seller must make contact with the NZ Transport agency within 7 days of the sale. As a seller you must; complete the the tear-off section of your certificate of registration and post to the Transport Registry Center. If you do not have this form you can get a MR13A form (Notice by person selling/disposing of motor vehicle) from the post office. It is also advised that you get a receipt from the buyer that they have completed the change of ownership process.

    How to Deregister your Car

    When your car is going to be dismantled, you have to deregister your car. As the owner it is your responsibility to do this. First you will need to take off your number plates and hand them into your Local NZ Transport Agency. You will need to fill out a form and pay for any unpaid registration fees. Once the car has been deregistered it can be dismantled without incurring anymore registration costs. No change of ownership is needed.

    IMPORTANT – Before you deregister your car please call us as it may be worth more to sell still registered.

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