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How To Choose Car Removal Services In Auckland

New Zealand has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world. In 2019, there were 4.4 million vehicles in the country – or 818 units for every 1,000 people, according to the Environmental Health Intelligence NZ.

Conversely, over 100,000 cars reach the end of their lifespan and have to be sent to car wreckers or cash-for-car companies, a separate finding by NZ’s Motor Trade Association (MTA) indicated. Vehicle dismantlers often provide car removal services to clients in their areas of operations, making them the perfect solution for owners keeping wrecked, unsafe, or unusable cars.

But with several firms competing for your attention, especially in Auckland, picking the best car removal service company might be challenging. But we’re here to change that. Continue reading to know the fundamental considerations when choosing a car removal service firm in Auckland and other areas.   

  1. Search for reputable companies 

First-time sellers can ask their friends, family members, and colleagues for referrals about reputable car removal firms. Speaking with them allows you to understand how the entire process works. You may also ask about their experience and tips to avoid surprises. In some instances, fraudulent companies will charge owners additional fees or offer a lower price than the vehicle’s worth.  

Moreover, looking at online sources can help you spot a potential car removal service firm to hire. Browse through local companies’ websites to gather initial information about the firm, their service areas, and the services they provide. Read client testimonies and unbiased reviews about the organisation.

However, it pays to have an internet-connected phone for emergency car removal services, where you can find towing services nearby.

  1. Make a shortlist of qualified firms

Before agreeing to a price or arranging a vehicle pick-up, it’s crucial to shortlist three firms and compare their pros and cons. List the best companies based on your qualifications, online research, and insights from offline sources. If you can spare more time, call the company or drop by their office for a quick visit to protect yourself from car-buying scams. When selling a scrap vehicle, it’s always a good idea to approach different companies to get the best deal and avoid being duped. 

Regarding scams, proceed with caution if the car removal company offers to cancel the vehicle registration themselves, as the New Zealand Transportation Agency requires owners do this before the sale.

  1. Confirm their location and service areas

Location is an essential consideration when choosing the best car removal service provider. And for good reasons. Picking a local firm means you can visit the office for concerns and issues. More importantly, the company must be located near you because if you have to pay for the towing charges, you’d be charged by the weight and distance of the vehicle to its destination. Thus, hiring a Wellington-based company doesn’t make sense if your vehicle location is in Auckland.     

Often, a car removal company will offer towing services for free if they’re buying your junk car. If such is the case, the distance may not be a major issue, although you need to confirm with the company first. Otherwise, they might offer free car removal service areas within specific zones and have you pay if your vehicle or truck is located farther, which can still cost you money.

  1. Prioritise affordable, fast, and reliable service

As a junk car seller, you can gather initial information about the company’s rates and services from people who’ve had experience in dealing with car removal service companies. Additionally, you can read customer reviews and communicate with them in person or online via email, chat, or voice call.

Fast and reliable service is essential in this transaction, as abandoned cars pose health and environmental hazards when left for too long on private properties.  

Most firms have forms you can fill out for an initial estimate about your junk car or pick-up service. Once you get them, compare the rates and pick the best offer. You can also ask about valuable and usable car parts and what they do with your scrap car after they leave your property. They should be able to discuss these topics openly for transparency. In addition, observe how fast they answer your queries and how cordial they are in dealing with you.

  1. Select the provider with the best value proposition

Not all car removal service companies are created equal. Some firms may have additional perks missing from their competitors. For instance, other providers may have broader service areas, while others may provide round-the-clock pick-up service, which means you can choose the extraction schedule and ensure you’ll be there to witness the process. 

Other perks may include free car removal service and an instant and obligation-free scrap car quote. With these benefits, junk vehicle sellers can receive the full amount of their car’s buying price.    

Concluding thoughts

Unless it’s an emergency, hiring car removal services in Auckland requires due diligence. The best company can be identified by speaking with friends and family members, browsing through different sites, and communicating with your chosen providers.

Once you’re done comparing, ask the contractor for a document indicating the price and service inclusions to validate the agreement. And if you’re looking for a reputable car removal service company in Auckland and nearby areas, contact us, and you won’t be disappointed.  

how to choose car removal services
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