Advantages of Scrap Car Recycling

Are you planning to recycle your old car? If yes, recycling is the right thing to do because you are doing your part in reducing waste and conserving the environment. Old cards have parts that are reusable, as the cliché goes one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


Benefits of Scrap Car Recycling

You have many reasons to do scrap car recycling, here are some of them:

  • You reduce the waste created by refining steel and iron.
  • Landfill waste may seep into groundwater and may poison the environment permanently.
  • You reduce air pollution generated by the process of making cars.
  • You do your part in conserving the natural habitat of animals and plants that car manufacturing factories may negatively affect.
  • Vehicle fluids and some of its parts decompose slowly. These also release dangerous chemicals into the air and land. That is why it is better to recycle to reduce damage to the environment.
  • Recycled and reused parts may benefit others. Some car parts are still serviceable. Instead of throwing them away, sell them to another vehicle owner.

Car parts recycling has many benefits as mentioned above. Consider selling your old vehicle to a trustworthy buyer.


Car Recycling Disposal at Auckland

Liam Ward Car Removal Auckland is your go-to buyer of old cars. They are an experienced car wrecker and can provide you with the value of the vehicle and parts you want to recycle for cash. They are available 24 hours and seven days a week. You can contact them at your convenience.

The amount of cash you get will depend on the condition of your vehicle. Understand the needs of buyers. Know the current prices of similar cars in the market and scrap metal. Liam Ward Car Removal Auckland can provide you with a free quote. They can give a price during your phone call with them, but it is better that they see the old car to make a proper assessment.




Simply call us anytime on 0800 270 883 and talk to our friendly customer service team. They will be able to give you an estimate over the phone of what our company is willing to pay for your car. We will inform you on the legal process of disposing of a car,

we will need to see photo ID and have you sign a form that acknowledges you have sold the unwanted car to our car removal company. Once the transaction is complete we will tow the vehicle to our yard to be dismantled and recycled.

We are the best car removal company to call!

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