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What Is Vehicle Recycling? A Simple Guide

Recycling has become somewhat of a household name, with everything from plastic to glass going into separate trash cans so that it can go to the recycling plant. The process of recycling involves breaking down the items into their fundamental parts, which workers melt down, crush or restores to their former glory. Along with general…

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How To Choose Car Removal Services In Auckland

New Zealand has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world. In 2019, there were 4.4 million vehicles in the country – or 818 units for every 1,000 people, according to the Environmental Health Intelligence NZ. Conversely, over 100,000 cars reach the end of their lifespan and have to be sent to car…

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What To Look For In A Car Removal Service

Car removal service is a staple offering among vehicle dismantlers. These companies, also called car wreckers, are known for extracting damaged, unwanted, and non-working vehicles. But they play a significant role in the auto recycling industry. Without companies offering cash-for-cars schemes, steel and car makers won’t have access to scrap metals. At the same time,…

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5 Most Valuable Car Parts For Recycling

New cars made from recycled parts were unheard of decades ago. But with corporations under immense pressure to cut their carbon footprint, some car brands have taken steps to make their models with recycled materials. ‘Circular manufacturing,’ as industry experts call it, may be the future – and you, the car owner, have a part…

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5 Environmentally Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Your Old Car

Hundreds of thousands of cars reach end-of-life status every year. If not disposed of properly, they pose a significant environmental risk. For one, vehicles typically contain extremely poisonous fluids that endanger the health of anyone coming into contact with them. Examples are motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, battery acid and refrigerants. Thus, getting rid of…

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5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Car Removal Professional

Besides being an eyesore, a car sitting in a yard unused for some time may expose owners and the ecosystem to environmental dangers.  Toxic chemicals from vehicle fluids, including anti-freeze, can leak and seep into the ground, negatively impacting water sources and the living things that depend on them. Additionally, old and abandoned cars can…

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