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5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Car Removal Professional

Besides being an eyesore, a car sitting in a yard unused for some time may expose owners and the ecosystem to environmental dangers. 

Toxic chemicals from vehicle fluids, including anti-freeze, can leak and seep into the ground, negatively impacting water sources and the living things that depend on them. Additionally, old and abandoned cars can harbour pests and insects that may cause contagious diseases. 

While the urgency of unwanted car removal remains the same in all countries, it seems to be all the more pressing if you’re in New Zealand (NZ). This island nation’s pristine ecosystem is just too precious to waste.     

If you’ve got an unsafe vehicle in NZ and need old car removal services, hire a reputable Auckland car removal company and enjoy the benefits discussed in this blog. But first, understand how car removal for cash Auckland works.  

How Auckland car removal for cash works 

Car removal professionals work in the same way all over the world. They check your typically non-roadworthy vehicle and offer a purchase price for it. Once you agree, they take the car from your yard and start preparing the automobile for recycling.    

Car removal Auckland services have a crucial mission: to dispose of an old clunker most responsibly. They prepare a dilapidated car for recycling by removing car parts that can still be used, such as wheels, side mirrors, lights, seats and others. They’ll also drain the vehicle of hazardous fluids and materials. All of these are done based on government and industry regulations. When the reusable car parts have been removed, the vehicle is wrecked or compacted in junkyards. That’s why most car removal professionals are operated by junkyards, cash-for-car companies, and car wreckers. 


Reason #1: Car removal professionals are trained to dispose of a vehicle responsibly 

Car manufacturing and use are considered damaging to the environment. To mitigate its environmental impact, car makers have resorted to selling electric vehicles. But the hefty costs of these eco-friendly machines discourage consumers, and most choose to hold on to their traditional cars until they become unsafe and unworthy on the road. 

Once a vehicle reaches its retirement age, owners can rely on old car removal firms to dispose of the machine in the most eco-friendly way. These professionals are trained to dismantle scrap cars using environmentally friendly methods. By hiring these businesses, car owners save about 25 million tons in reusable car materials and 85 million barrels of oil from non-renewable sources.    

Reason #2: Car removal professionals don’t need too much paperwork 

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) requires owners of permanently useless automobiles to have their registration canceled as soon as possible. The same holds for motorists who want to part with their unsafe road machines, especially those past their lifespans. 

Applications for the registration cancellation can be made through authorised agents. Submitting your identification will also require you as an owner to surrender the registration plate, and pay expired registration and road user fees, as applicable.   

Once you’ve taken these vital steps, you can call on a reputable company offering car removal for cash Auckland. These companies won’t require you to gather additional documentation to proceed with the service as long as you can prove car ownership.  

Reason #3: Car removal professionals provide fast service 

Quick service is one of the major draws in hiring a professional Auckland car removal company. It’ll arrive at your property once you reach an agreement. Some firms even run a 24-hour towing service, providing convenience to car owners who may not be available at certain times and days of the week.

Reason #4: Car removal professionals offer good appraisal 

As mentioned, unwanted car removal service providers also offer to purchase your unusable vehicle. Some will ask for details like the car model, make and condition to provide quick appraisals. They’ll evaluate the car, take note of the parts that can still be reused and pay you for them. Scrap car prices will depend on the resaleable parts identified, alongside the condition of the vehicle and its current market price. 

The best part is that you get paid in cash, as soon as possible. It’s the perfect solution when you’re in urgent need of money.  

Reason #5: Car removal services and appraisals are free 

Apart from getting paid for handing over your clunker, an Auckland car removal company will offer the evaluation, towing and dismantling services for free. This means you get the purchase price without deductions. Suppose you don’t agree to a company’s initial price offer. In that case, you can always decline and approach another company providing Auckland car removal for cash services to get a better deal.     


Allowing unsafe and abandoned vehicles to litter your garage takes up space. It also affects the property value and exposes you to unwanted hazards. It’s wise to hire trusted car removal for cash Auckland services to eliminate these risks. In return, you get instant cash for your unwanted vehicle. These professionals provide the best service and value for your money without the hassles of selling your car.  


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