Transmission or gearbox issues

As we are out on the Auckland streets every day collecting cars and paying clients for these cars we see alot of reasons why vehicles break down and get positioned on the back lawn giving all around a pain. The old cars are an eyesore and that is why alot of folk decide to call a car collection company like Car Removals Auckland to come and pick it up. Deciding factors such as gearbox failure or expensive transmission problems means alot of people just don’t want to waste their money on getting the car repaired. it is easier and cheaper to call us and get the car collected or removed.

However there are some easy to do checks that can be done each month to ensure your gearbox is running well and is not likely to break causing the car to be scrap.

Check the oil levels and ensure they are consistent with the manufacturers recommendations.


Check the colour of the oil and look for clear consistency in the oil.

Make sure you get your car serviced regularly and above all listen for any noises that may be concerning or sound a little different. Quite often gearboxes start to make a nosie before they fail so a warning is quite helpful.

Keep in mind that some gearboxes are just too expensive to repair and accordingly a car collection company such as ours are called to collect the vehicle.

Auckland Car Removals are run by Liam Ward who is a well established friendly personand always willing to help you with collecting your car or removing your car.

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Excellent Honest Service! Car was picked up within two hours of callng.. Very helpful in advising that the rego plates can be handed in for a refund and let me keep my battery. Highly Recommended to All!

– Anonymous